The Benefits

Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of the following skills:

Pro-social Mental Health

Research has demonstrated that mental health issues in adults can be prevented if there is a proactive approach taken from a young age. The '7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence' program allows children to grow up with a healthy understanding of their emotions and how to manage them. This enhances their social skills, develops their friendships, and allows them to develop strong support systems to cope with difficult life events.

Decision Making

Our research has shown that emotionally intelligent children are better decision makers. Emotional intelligence acts as a buffer against dangerous situations for your children and it gives them a better insight into what career they want to pursue in the future. Emotional intelligence education increases the likelihood that children pick the rights choices to ensure they are on the right path to becoming happy and successful young adults.

Academic Performance

If children are able to regulate their emotions, it allows them to focus on their academics. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is better than any other skill or trait, including IQ, in relation to predicting academic success. Emotional intelligence gives children the opportunity to develop an internal coping system and interpersonal relationships, which allows them to flourish academically.

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