Parent Well Being Seminar

In this ever changing society, employees are trying to balance their career with their parenting duties. Our seminar educates your employees about how to maintain this balance and ensure that both their child's mental health and their mental health can flourish. By focusing on the whole employee and their family, we're making productive employees by making happy employees.

Graduate Seminar

As graduates enter the workplace for the first time, they need the tools to help adapt to the new employment. This seminar provides strategies on how to manage their mental health as they transition and how to perfect their work life balance to ensure that there true potential is achieved.

Well Being Seminar

Sometimes, people get caught up in their career so much that they forget about their well being. This seminar provides techniques for your employees to ensure that they can take  of their mental health, get the most out of relationships and turn their goals into realities.


An incredibly engaging seminar with helpful tools and strategies that can be used in everyday life to relieve stress and improve well being.

Dassault Systèmes, Cork

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