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We are progressive psychologists who believe that every child has a right to be educated on how to take care of their mental health. Through our interactive '7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence' program, we educate primary and secondary school children about how to take care of their mental health and we teach teachers and parents about how to cultivate a pro-social mental health environment while taking care of themselves. Everything taught is research driven and individually tailored for children to understand. Schools working with Motus Learning have dramatically raised the education bar by teaching their students how to manage their mental health as well as their academics. Join the Motus Movement!

The 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

Alongside BPS accredited psychologists and primary school teachers, we have developed the evidence based '7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence' program. The program teaches children how to understand and protect their minds through cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, neurology, the five ways of well being,  mindfulness, empathy and social skills.

Our Aim

For Motus Learning, the aim of the program is to directly teach children how to deal with difficult life situations and to indirectly eliminate the stigma surrounding children talking about their emotions. By learning these skills from qualified experts, children will have a far greater opportunity to develop healthy emotion regulation strategies, therefore mitigating the likelihood of developing unhealthy strategies such as repression and self-harm. Through education, we prevent mental health problems before they happen.

Our Associations

We work alongside the following organisations:

As academics, it was absolutely essential that we ensured that our educational workshops were backed up with research. Consequently, after several forms of consultation with several psychology professors for University College Cork, we have agreed to carry out a service evaluation of our program led by Dr. Samantha Dockray of the School of Applied Psychology.

Recent research has found that our gut health and microbiota have a direct effect on our mental health. We ensured the highest quality of education on the topic of mood foods via consultation with registered dietician Paula Mee.


Children can't have positive mental health without looking after their physical health also. Exercise is an essential way to help balance this. To ensure the correct exercise education was being provided, we worked alongside exercise science qualified Emma Bowden, who is the founder of EFitness.

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining positive mental health. We have had consultation alongside Breege Leddy, who is the former head of sleep at the Maher Private Hospital, founder of the private sleep clinic 'The Insomnia Clinic' and one of the leading sleep experts in the country. 

What The Schools Think

I am 20 years teaching and this is by far the most engaging and  beneficial workshop that I've had in my class.

Ballybunion National School, Kerry

The Research

Scientifically proven to make a difference.

At Motus, making sure our program is scientifically proven is essential. Our research shows that our program statistically improves the emotional intelligence of children.

We measure the trait emotional intelligence of children before and after the program and the following graph shows the average emotional intelligence score before the program and the average emotional intelligence score after the program. There is a statistically significant improvement.

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